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keepsake azalea

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Posted: Oct/09/2006 2:39 AM PST

I have become the owner of a "keepsake azalea" which is ( I guess? .. a houseplant forever?) I had visions of planting it in my yard until I read the card Says it should bloom for 6 wks. if I keep it watered..Anyone know if it will survive beyond that..?? As a houseplant I presume ?
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Posted: Feb/06/2008 4:51 PM PST

Only experience I've had with Azaleas are outside plants and large in growth. My Azalea's only bloom once a year and only for a two week period, Although, they are evergreen and bloom every year around Easter. Really beautiful when blooming.
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Posted: Feb/07/2008 3:44 PM PST

You can find info on Keepsake Azalea just entering the name on this site.
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Posted: Feb/13/2009 11:35 AM PST

Hi I have a Keepsake Azalea-it is an indoor plant...mine is approximately 20 years often tends to bloom (nice pink flowers) all year round..I do find that mine prefers "direct sunlight" a nice window area even tho they say no direct sunlight..considering the age of mine I'll just keep doing what I'm doing ...the flowers do shed if you touch them..but its so gorgeous and big I honestly don't mind sweeping up daily around it....I do feed mine approx once a month...sometimes it will go dormant (no flowers and usually this time of yr) for a couple of months...other than that its always in bloom
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Posted: Feb/13/2009 1:33 PM PST

Had to look this little baby up. Beautiful plant and comes in several colors. Linda B


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Posted: Feb/17/2009 5:28 PM PST

I did have luck planting one outdoors. I think timing is very important. I also moved one outdoors last summer and lost it even while it was in the pot. I guess it just depends on whether you are willing to take a chance on losing it.
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