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Identify this berry and the bush it came in on.

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Posted: Sep/09/2006 5:43 PM PST

Howdy everyone.
I'm new here but I think I found a place that can help me.

Behind my house (I live in the North East, US), I have a berry tree. My kids are always picking them and I'd like to know if they are ok to eat. I'm always worried that the'll eat something dangerous and I have enough trouble keeping them away from the poison ivy. I alwasy get concerned when I see red branches.

The plat is about 5 feet tall and branches out. See the following 2 pictures (1 is a close up of the berries, the other is the whole plant/bush/tree?)

Thank you - in advance

[IMG][/I MG]
[IMG][/I MG]
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Posted: Sep/09/2006 8:02 PM PST

Yikes! I didn't know that they were toxic. I always considered them a weed and pulled them up. Ron, thanks for the info.
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Posted: Sep/09/2006 9:11 PM PST

humm never heard it called that ..Pokeberry that the same as Pokeweed Ron?

Yes poisonous,but very ornamentalIf you have children or pets, I'd pull it and put in in regular garbage bag,not compost pile for the garbage man if you do have that kind of pick up.

Birds wont bother with it but a child or dog/cat may..not a good thing.

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Posted: Sep/09/2006 11:11 PM PST

For some reason I thought the red vines were a warning. That area behind my house is also full of poison ivy, so I better get to work on a gate.

Thanks for the speedy reply!
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Posted: Sep/10/2006 1:59 AM PST

I do know that touching it wont kill ya. A lot of older people I know eat poke greens in the spring when they are young and it was a very popular thing for the country people to eat (out here anyway) back in the old days. Our goat eats it like candy and I noticed recently that the deer have been after it in one of our fields. The deer don't exactly have a lot of grass to eat right now, which is why they are eating it. The goat keeps the stuff eaten down by/in his pen so he is constantly eating young stuff. My understanding was that it was toxic when it got older. I have been out in it alot as we weed eat the stuff down (as much as we can, when we have time).
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Posted: Sep/10/2006 7:47 PM PST

I knew what the plant was going to be before the thread even came up. I could feel it in my bones. I let one of those grow by the corner of my house about 10 years ago. I trained it so it weeped. Then after I got tired of it a few years later I cut it off an Round-up-ed it and it never came back. I didn't know what it was for a long time. I wondered if it was poisonous though because nothing seemed to mess with it, but I found out parts were edible. I wouldn't try it though. Stuff like that scares me. I don't think I'd let another one grow if it came up though.
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