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I can't believe this...

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Posted: Aug/10/2006 12:27 AM PST

My best friend had well an interesting lunch time today... She heard a siren chirp so she looked out the frount window, to see 5cop cars, pull 3 youngsters out of a car....police rifles and everything drawn!
After the 3 suspects where in cars and the cops were shaking hands she went out thru her garage and said to the closest cop " is everything alright? It's a little unnerving to see this thru my livingroom window especially seeing as I have 2 young boys!" And the cop told her, he understand and that it's unnerving to see 3 people in a car wearing ski masks and waving what thankfully turned out to be fake guns!
Then tonight atleast 2 of the 3 culprits were at the local restraunt with friends having supper when we were there... I couldnt' believe it when I overheard some comments and put it all together.
Unfreakin' believable... If they were my kids there's no way they'd have been allowed out with friends for an entire year let alone the very same day.
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Posted: Aug/10/2006 2:06 AM PST

whats really scary to me is that the parents most likely are blaming the police for harrassing their children!! little do they realize is that in todays world everyone is afraid ,,every day,,every minute.terrorists come in all shapes ages and sizes,lucky the kids werent shot first and questions asked later.and you think like i do,,if it was one of my kids,,they wouldnt have needed the masks,because by the time they got out in public again,,they would have aged several years and wouldnt be recognizable to their friends anymore.its scary too that it was taken so lightly by the kids,,just one big thrill!!
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Posted: Aug/10/2006 2:50 AM PST

Yes, that is the way it is today.
I have a nieghbor that lost her child for at least 2 hours, she asked me if she was inside my house playing with my child*LOL the child has never even said hi to mine.I said no,why would she be inside with my child and me be out here gardening I tell you hours later the mother came out of her house again (yes the mother went home not knowing where the child was) walked down the street asking if the child was in thier home there was the 3yr old all by herself walking home. The mother says, Where were you ? The little girl says by my friend,the mother said whose your friend? (the mother was not frantic at all as if the child was 25!)
I nearly flipped, ran in to tell my child.

We now joke about the child running away to elope and the mother wouldnt know till the girl came home with a baby !
How in this world can she/anyone just let a 3yr old just walk away from you when you are talking to a nieghbor and not relize it.And then not care enough to actually find her as soon as possible!

Thats the way it goes, I guess someone isnt doing thier job in your area too!

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Posted: Aug/10/2006 3:30 AM PST

An old neighbor with a lot of kids was talking to a neighbor once and my son who was about 5 at the time, pulled her little 3 year old from near the street. The little brat bit my son on the face! He didn't break the skin, thank goodness. I commended him for keeping him from the road, but later the lady came to my house and called me an unfit mother for what my son did. I was baffled! Needless to say I lit into her, which is really odd for me, but that was just very stupid on her part. And I told her never to set foot on my property and none of her 9 kids either.

People just don't realize how unsafe things can be. Those kids were darn lucky they didn't get shot or tasered.
Joined: 6/02/2005
Location: Crossfield, Alberta
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Posted: Aug/10/2006 7:23 AM PST

I am still shaking my head over this whole deal. I just have to wonder about the parents of these 3 kids...
We live in a small town and this sort of thing doesn't happen often, though at the high school this spring there was a real bomb threat... that made the big city news. They boiled it down to "kids being kids". I was appaulled! Shoot when I was a kid, that ment on the last day of school we all snuck "stink bombs" into the class after the afternoon recess and set them off just as end of the day bell rang!
I've lost Sierra a few times this summer already, we were outside and I turned around and she wasn't where she was a second ago. Thankfully I've got wonderful neighbors who all have kids the same age of their own, or are just plain wonderful... And as soon as I start shouting they yell back letting me know if they see her or she's over with them.... Darn 2 year olds they move so fast, and course I'm not exactly quick right now... Darn being 8mths prego!
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Posted: Aug/10/2006 3:09 PM PST

Kids nowadays test the legal system and they know their boundaries and push just to the limitations. It is shamful that this stuff goes on, even in quiet neighbourhoods and our way of life now is looking over our shoulders constantly. In a lot of cases, parents don't know what is going on with their kids b/c they are so sneaky and cover up.....and in a lot of cases, kids are given too many liberties and cash in their pockets to entertain themselves. Our world has changed.
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