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Bees and hummingbird feeders

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Posted: Aug/10/2006 4:12 PM PST

I saw this feeder recommended earlier in the summer and have been searching for it locally. It says it's bee and ant resistant. It looks like a great feeder!
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Posted: Aug/10/2006 4:13 PM PST

If that's the case, Patty, maybe you should be looking for a nest or hive to get rid of. We've found 2 around our backyard so far this summer, both hives the size of grapefruits. We found a foaming insecticide that worked very well and bee numbers have definitely gone down around here.
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Posted: Aug/10/2006 7:43 PM PST

Anyone try yellow flowering clover?
I read bees love it, even though most people pull it.

I leave quite a bit because of the bees and it is simple to pull if I dont want it; and it keeps the unwanted growing.When Im ready to plant I just pull it and feed it to my pets that love it!

Or maybe plant some other flowers for the bees

Just a thought...

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Posted: Jan/08/2009 12:42 PM PST

Bees can be a big problem in some parts of the country. Please do NOT use any type of oil because if the hummingbirds brush against it the oil will get on their feathers and can cause health issues. You must start with a feeder that is specifically designed and advertised to be bee-proof. Then take care when making nectar to not make it too sweet. For hummingbirds a 4-1 ratio is good, too sweet will attract more bees than birds. Then after hanging clean off drips or spills, I like to spray them off with water from a spray bottle. Any little drip or spill will attract some bees. That should do it, but if not, hang another feeder nearby (not too close) containing a much sweeter mixture and the bees will move to that feeder leaving yours to the birds. For more information check out our website at The Hummingbird Store.

Enjoy the Flying Jewels!
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Posted: Jan/09/2009 4:43 AM PST

Although it's FAR from hummer season here (ETA around 4/6 and counting ....) I have had some success avoiding bees by avoiding yellow. You know how feeder-makers like to put those little yellow plastic daisies at each feeder-hole? No, no, NO! Ever since I've quit using that type of feeder (going with ALL red instead) I've had a lot less problem with bees. And I sure don't want to mess with any messy sticky oils ~ ack, it gets too hot here ~ it would be dripping all over my porch.
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Posted: Mar/30/2009 9:31 AM PST

NEVER, EVER, put oily or sticky stuff on or near feeders to deter insects. This stuff can and will get on hummer feathers and mess them up.

Insects are near sighted and hunt by smell.

You may try Filling a trap with a richer amount of sugar water and place it elsewhere.

Try sprinkling ground cloves, etc near the feeder to deter ants,

Mint is a nerotoxin for wasps and will keep them at bay. Place crushed mint leaves nearby or mint pure mint oil near the feeder.

Read this s.html

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Posted: Apr/04/2009 11:46 AM PST

With the dangerous loss of bees in the USA I would think we would be putting up bee feeders. The hummers really can take care of them selves tho we all love to watch them. Maybe labeling one feeder for bees and one for hummers would work. We need all the bees we can get please don't destroy the hives unless they are Africanised. Call a bee keeper if you must
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Posted: Apr/04/2009 5:35 PM PST

I LOVE MY BEES as much as I LOVE MY HUMMERS. I use the bees for my BVT (bee vendom therapy. I - for the most part - have solved having both at the same feeder and I have a lot of feeders. I double hang some of the feeders - one above the other and only the top one has a red tape (ribbon) hanginging from it so it attracts the hummers and the bottom one gets the bees. During this time of year I don't get many bees since so many flowers are in bloom and they love that nectar better - but I still get a few everyday.


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Posted: Mar/21/2011 5:16 PM PST

Maybe this will help: /08/how-do-i-keep-bees-away-from-my.html
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Posted: Aug/30/2011 9:21 AM PST

Honeybees are already in danger. To advise killing them is not wise. They are responsible for our beautiful gardens! Please do not kill honeybees!
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