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morning glory in containers, need tips

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Posted: Aug/03/2006 12:38 PM PST

Hi all,

I have been growing morning glories in the ground for several years and have had no problems with them. Without fail they grow large and blom their heads off and show no signs of disease or stress. I generally don't fertilize them at all, but they probably get some run off from the lawn fertilization.

This year I am growing some in containers. The vines are decidedly shorter than in previous years. They are blooming well, but there is a persistent yellowing leaf problem and as a result the vines aren't as lush as they have been previously as the leafs invariably fall off.

I really don't know what is going on. I mean the yellowing leaves plus smaller size suggest they need more fertilizer, but I have always heard MG should be fed sparingly, if at all. Since they are in containers I have given them a little fish emulsion a couple times, but that's it.

So, what is your experience with MG in containers? How have you fertilized them?
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Posted: Aug/03/2006 6:16 PM PST

Yellow leaves could be a heads-up that you aren't giving them enough water. There could be other reasons, but water, water, water is critical. I'm watering all of my containers morning and evening due to the heat wave.
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Posted: Aug/10/2006 6:57 PM PST

Anything grown in containers needs lots of water and frequent fertilizing. Use the biggest containers that you can ... this encourages more root growth and hence bigger plants. I very often water my containers at least twice a day.
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Posted: Jul/17/2008 7:00 AM PST

I have the same problem with my morning glories. I am growing them this year for the first time based on the beautiful ones my neighbor grew last year. They started out lush and leafy but now many of the lower leaves are turning yellow and falling off. I thought yellow leaves at the bottom of the plant was a sign of too much water, not not enough. Mine have loads of buds but the leaves are getting sparse.
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