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Maidenhair Fern & Japanese Painted Fern Question?

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chiodokeller photos
Joined: 7/06/2005
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Posted: Jul/31/2006 3:04 PM PST

Can anyone tell me if they are growing Maidenhair Fern, and if so, how well will it do in the shade? Also, has anyone ever moved a Japanese Painted Fern from one location to another, and if so, are their any tricks or suggestions that I should know before doing this? Right now the Japanese Painted Fern is doing well, but is growing under some very large hostas. I would like to move it to a more suitable location. Help Please!
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Posted: Jul/31/2006 4:30 PM PST

i'd wait til Fall to move anything this summer including ferns. i've moved the Japanese painted fern in the Spring and it did just fine. just keep the ferns well watered to get them established.
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Posted: Jul/31/2006 4:32 PM PST

I agree. A fern grower told me to wait until they go dormant. I've had success growing my maidenhair ferns in shade and morning sun. They seem pretty tough.
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Posted: Aug/03/2006 3:20 AM PST

ok I had a maiden hair fern and one thing you have to know is dont throw it out use the maiden hair fern and always keep the moisture as moist as cool as possible and dont make it damp it needs half sun and half shade sometimes depends on the species of maiden hair ferns all you need is to cut off the dead stems so that the new stems have energy to grow back up again
if you leave the old stems there they will only concentrate there energies on the old stems and you want brand new energy only do this when the leaves on the hair fern is brown on the spores at the edge of the leaf.
chiodokeller photos
Joined: 7/06/2005
Location: Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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Posted: Aug/07/2006 3:49 PM PST

Thanks everyone for you help in answering my question.
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