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lavender plant is dying...

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Joined: 7/11/2006
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Posted: Jul/11/2006 4:53 PM PST

Hi I am a fairly new gardener. I am so glad I found this site!! I need some help. I planted a lavender plant last year. Which came back this year bigger than ever. It had beautiful lavender growing and now all of a sudden it is all turning brown and dying! I don't understand what could have happened. I live in Mich, it is planted in a sheltered area. I don't see any bugs on it. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks!!
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Joined: 1/18/2005
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Posted: Jul/11/2006 5:20 PM PST

is it getting a lot of sun? lavendar is a Mediterranean plant and like lots of sun and not too much water.
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Posted: Jul/12/2006 12:28 AM PST

I am thinking that you might be overwatering too. Lavendar is a drought tolerant plant that might wilt a bit if you let it go for over a week with no water, but overwatering is a sure killer for this one.
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Posted: Jul/12/2006 4:24 AM PST

That's funny.. because my lavender loves water. Water it daily.. and its in a pot!! Beat that!
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Posted: Jul/12/2006 5:02 AM PST

Sweetpea, Container plants require more water as they dry out easily.

Kaybee, you need to check and see if it is too wet and the stems at the base are rotting. Have you cut it back at all? Check the water situation and get back to us. Good Luck!!
Joined: 7/11/2006
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Posted: Jul/12/2006 2:03 PM PST

I don't think it is overwatered. It is in the corner of my house near a drain spout. The ground around the plant isn't soaking wet. Half the plant now is all brown and rest is still green. It is the weirdest thing. It was growing so well and then suddenly just started dying. I wonder if my hubby was overzealous in ant spray or something? Would that kill the plant??
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Posted: Jul/14/2006 3:37 AM PST

Don't judge a book by it's cover. I suggest you dig down in the soil and check how moist or not moist it is. If your soil is clay'ish it will retain moisture alot longer than you think. My Lavender are 3 years old and huge. and even during their 2nd year they hardly got watered at all. Our summers are hot and dry and they thrive in it. The soil is a quick draining, sandy/loam and the plants are never fertilized.

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Posted: Jul/21/2006 1:04 PM PST

It's half dead? My first thought was is there a dog nearby?
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Posted: Jul/21/2006 4:41 PM PST

or a cat? cats will spray on just about anything and man, does it kill things fast.
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Posted: Jul/07/2010 1:04 AM PST

My lavender plant is dying too..I was looking on here for an answer..and found it! My dog likes to wee over my lavender..not any more matey!!
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