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Hi! I'm new!

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Joined: 7/08/2006
Location: Chicagoland
Posts: 19
Posted: Jul/08/2006 6:08 PM PST

Thought I'd say HI and introduce myself!

My name is Trish, and I'm glad I found this forum! I'm sure it will come in very helpful!

I live in the Chicago area, and have a small flower garden, and lots of containers...I have a condo, so can't go all out!

Looking forward to getting to know all of you!
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Joined: 10/27/2005
Posts: 1029
Posted: Jul/08/2006 7:46 PM PST

Welcome TRISH :banana-wa this is a great place and good people too what more could we ask for.
Joined: 5/04/2006
Location: England
Posts: 754
Posted: Jul/08/2006 9:05 PM PST

Hey Trish,

This site is great.
People are helpful and funny with it.
Hope to see you around the threads.
Joined: 5/31/2005
Posts: 5502
Posted: Jul/09/2006 4:33 AM PST

Hi and welcome to GG!
Joined: 7/07/2003
Location: The Garden State
Posts: 849
Posted: Jul/09/2006 11:51 AM PST

Hi Trish and welcome to GG. you will find a lot of very helpful and hilarious people her ! A lot of our members do container gardening . Hope to see you around the threads.
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Joined: 6/15/2004
Location: Wyoming
Posts: 1368
Posted: Jul/09/2006 5:52 PM PST

Welcome to GG Trish.
Joined: 7/08/2006
Location: Chicagoland
Posts: 19
Posted: Jul/09/2006 7:06 PM PST

Thanks all! I have so many forums I go to...I hope I can get here as often as I'd like to!
Joined: 3/01/2006
Posts: 2
Posted: Aug/06/2006 12:18 AM PST

Hi to you I dont realy understand how this works Do you not chat with a bounch of pople at one time? you can only send like a instant message to them? Help me to understand this ? Thankyou Lee = nun
Joined: 4/02/2002
Location: Manistee County, MI, USA
Posts: 496
Posted: Aug/06/2006 12:49 AM PST

((((((Lady Nun ))))))

This is a forum, unlike a chat room it is not instant messaging with several people at a time. There is a chat room, but it doesn't get used much. Brassica is a member here as is Chattycarnation, Chio-Keller, Pacificstar, and I can't think who else from the old GE chat.

You can get in touch with them by doing a member's search in here and then send them a private message like you did to me.

Welcome to GardenGuides! This is a great site that if full of some wonderful people much as GE was.
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