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Help with garden weed?

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Joined: 5/23/2006
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Posted: Jun/20/2006 12:43 PM PST

This viney weed keeps popping up in my garden, I've tilled it under, hoed it up and it keeps coming back. It aggresively spreads across the surface and I haven't been able to keep it away, but it pulls up pretty easily...any idea what it is??



Joined: 10/07/2004
Location: Southern Ontario. Zone 6b
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Posted: Jun/20/2006 1:09 PM PST

Looks like portulaca oleracea, known as little hogweed, or common purslane.
It's an annual so I'd think that probably the best bet would be to just keep pulling it out before it flowers & sets seed.
Joined: 5/23/2006
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Posted: Jun/20/2006 1:21 PM PST


I guess I'll just pull it up...wanted to make sure it wasn't something that was going to become a big problem...

Joined: 9/08/2005
Location: Central Idaho
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Posted: Jun/30/2006 9:12 PM PST

Sorry, but I have to disagree,

That looks more like Common Chickweed to me.....Stellaria media.
Joined: 6/06/2005
Location: Ontario, Canada..Zone 4
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Posted: Jun/30/2006 9:16 PM PST

Sorry to disagree, it's not chickweed as I have both and I pull both or at least try to before they seed.

Flash, I had them really bad before I started mulching. If you pull them and mulch, you will not have nearly as many. I learned that from experience. Good luck with them.
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Joined: 2/16/2004
Location: west allis wisconsin
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Posted: Jul/01/2006 1:51 AM PST

PURSLANE!!! I spent all last summer battling it in the new garden. Pull it, pull it somemore, pull it again, then mulch the devil out of it. Bury it, and do NOT give it a 21 gun salute. have fun!

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Joined: 1/18/2005
Location: Michigan
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Posted: Jul/01/2006 1:53 AM PST

you can eat purslane. i hear it's good for you!
Joined: 7/11/2004
Location: Eastern Washington (Zone 5)
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Posted: Jul/01/2006 7:06 AM PST

I've got purslane and creeping charlie running around here ... for a number of years now......... as I said in another thread, they are evil, EVIL! And no, I refuse to eat it... too many other good things out there to eat! ;-)
Joined: 4/18/2002
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Posted: Jul/02/2006 11:33 AM PST

Can you believe they sell Purslane in garden centers here. I saw some the other day and thought, oh my gosh , they are selling weeds! Maybe we should all pot ours up and sell it in Florida
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Joined: 3/29/2002
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Posted: Jul/02/2006 5:06 PM PST

There are several species of Portulaca, the P. oleracea mentioned and pictured above is the weedy one called purslane. There is a cultivalr of it that is raised for its herbal and edible qualities.

While this particular cultivar may be sold in garden centers, it is more likely the gardencenter variety is P. Grandiflora, which has very many bred varieties. As its species name indicates it is grown for its flower ans usually known as simply "Portulaca"
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