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Aphids on roses

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sweetlebee blog photos
Joined: 5/09/2005
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Posted: Jun/19/2006 12:58 AM PST

Is there a home remedy for insecticidal soap for killing aphids on roses? On another thread I saw this recipe:

A few TBSP. hot pepper sauce
I TBSP. liquid soap
I gallon of water

Should I use this on my roses? Does it work? Do aphids keep coming back? Liquid soap=dish detergent?

Joined: 7/09/2005
Location: Ontario, Canada
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Posted: Jun/19/2006 1:35 AM PST

Not sure if that recipe works or not, Sweetle. I have always had a great deal of success with garlic spray. Bought a bottle in the dairy case at the grocery store. They were selling it as a quick way to make garlic bread but I decided I preferred crushed cloves of garlic instead, but I digress.

Anyway, I ended up spraying this stuff on my aphid-ridden roses after reading that aphids did not like garlic. Yep, worked like a charm.

When I ran out of the store-bought stuff, I made my own by crushing a few bulbs worth of garlic and simmering it in 2-3 cups of water. I let it sit a few hours to cool, then strained the pulp out of it and refilled my spray bottle.
trudy blog photos
Joined: 6/02/2006
Location: SW Georgia
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Posted: Jun/19/2006 2:15 AM PST

I've use the soap before and it also works. The soap suffocates the aphids. trudy
sweetlebee blog photos
Joined: 5/09/2005
Posts: 19587
Posted: Jun/19/2006 2:16 AM PST

Just soap and water? What ratio did you use?
Joined: 11/02/2002
Location: Greenhouse Mi.
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Posted: Jun/19/2006 2:40 AM PST

I haven't had aphids on my roses but get them every year on my collards and kale that I over winter, after they bolt I get aphids, the only way I ever got rid of them was ladybugs, they love them!
I also plant garlic and/or onion (or pennyroyal, which is a spreader according to what Ive read, it is my first yr using pennyroyal so I dont know; will find out next year because it isnt doing much this year yet) next to my roses.
Heres a list I found, not sure what here is compatible with roses but it is a start as a preventative may be a cure they may die or go elsewhere Dont know..

Catnip, Chives, Coriander, Dried & Crushed Chrysanthemum, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Feverfew (attracts aphids away from Roses), Garlic, Larkspur, Marigold, Mint, Mustard, Nasturtium, Onion, Oregano, Petunia, Sunflower

Hope your rose is feelin better real soon
My mini tiny rose has black spot, did the same thing last yr in a different living space..blooms wonderfully for a second then black spots then leaves fall till it looks dead,maybe she want to move again *LOL

trudy blog photos
Joined: 6/02/2006
Location: SW Georgia
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Posted: Jun/19/2006 9:12 AM PST

SB your recipe looks good, if you don't have the pepper sauce then just go with the soap and water, its not gonna hurt your plants. Any dish soap will work. trudy
Joined: 6/17/2006
Location: Hotlanta ;) GA
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Posted: Jun/19/2006 9:55 AM PST

Yeah, lady bugs are great. you can buy them live. Good luck!
Joined: 6/03/2006
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Posted: Jun/20/2006 12:28 AM PST


I use one orange peel, 2 cups water, 2 tablespoons of baby shampoo. Mix it in a blender, then strain it through a colander, then filter the rest of the liquid through a coffee filter. Pour in a spray bottle. Hose spray your rose bushes to get as many aphids off. Then spray the tender shoots and buds with the recipe. Spray every time you see aphids beginning to make themselves cozy on your rose bushes.

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Posted: Jun/20/2006 10:22 AM PST

Hi Guys,
The hot pepper will work but you can also just use soap. A good blast with a hose end sprayer and they are gone
sweetlebee blog photos
Joined: 5/09/2005
Posts: 19587
Posted: Jun/20/2006 2:33 PM PST

I tried the hose but my rose is a baby so I didn't want to hit it full force. The pepper/soap spray didn't take all of the aphids off so I may need to make a stronger solution.
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