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Black Widow Spiders

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Posted: Jun/08/2006 8:23 PM PST

Well I found one in my garden yesterday. Actually she in hiding about in the box for the cable. But she was out when I walked by and did a double take. They are beautiful but scary. They truly are black with a brigh red hour glass on the middle of their backs.

This is why it is vital to wear gloves in the garden. The first time I saw a black widow here, I was holding a pot without gloves and carrying it across the yard to a better place. It was one of the pots I painted. I bent over to admire the pot and the feverfew inside. And jumped back! Whoa. That spider was a few inches from where my fingers were a few seconds ago.

My question is: are they any deterrents available to discourage them from setting up housekeepping in my yard. I won't set out chemicals because they don't know the difference between a good bug and other critters to a bad one. I admit to pushing her off the pot and burying her six inches deep with my the end of my spade!
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Posted: Jun/09/2006 2:49 AM PST

Black widow spiders have the red hour glass on the abdomen not the back. The back is completely black. Your spider is an imitator that is harmless to you but is probably an effective predator of garen pests. Welcome her.
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Posted: Jun/09/2006 6:51 PM PST

wow thats cool. i didnt know there were imitators
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