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Propagating Roses

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Posted: Jun/02/2006 3:33 PM PST

Does anyone know how to start a rose bush from a cutting?
I'm talking about an old fashioned rose, not a hybrid. I know hybrids can't be propagated because the root stock is different from the growth stock. I have no idea how to do it, so I had to ask. Thanks for any help.
Joined: 9/06/2005
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Posted: Jun/04/2006 11:37 AM PST

Do you think they'd root in water?
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Posted: Jun/06/2006 11:06 PM PST

Originally posted by TroyBilt
Do you think they'd root in water?

Hi, I got a rosebush for Mother's Day. Not sure what kind since there was no tag. I cut off a small piece and put it in water. It rooted and I put it in a small pot of starter mix. It was pretty easy so now I have two. Good luck. By the way, it's hard to see but this is the main rosebush in my pic. It's a small variety of some sort.
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Posted: Jun/07/2006 12:56 AM PST

Here is another way ...

Here is what I did my 1st time last year and she is blooming wonderfully this year.

Here is what I wrote in my
July '05 Newsletter for the Garden Club.
I took a cutting from the rose bush after it bloomed and died, the cutting was about 6inches long.
I then put it in premade, presoaked, soilless mix.
That sat for 2 days before I actually planted. I made a whole slighly larger then the thickness of a pencil.
I then cut the remaining leaves in half, then cut the twig bottom in water ...a clean cut on a very slight slant.
Then I put (untouched by me ) root hormone on it and inserted it into the soil being careful not to touch the sides of the whole I made. Then covered gently, and watered with a spray bottle.
It was coved with a clear plastic cake top and I placed a small piece of brick on top to make certain it was not going to fly away.
I placed it in full SHADE till late October ; during August I took the cover off briefly several times only a few seconds
(less then a minute) while I stood there, place the cover back on and in October I took the cover off completely; about a week or so later I then planted it in previously dug and watered spot in mostly shade. Covered it again for about a week or so then removed the cover and mulched with shredded leaves and done compost.
It is now showing wonderful leaves.
Whatever works!
Doing 4 more this year one from my favorite Garden Party rose others from a friends wild climber.
Only trying without root hormone in 1 to see if it actually makes a difference.

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Posted: Jun/07/2006 12:57 AM PST

Here is one of the new roses blooming Im so proud of myself..actually worked!



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Posted: Jun/29/2006 4:09 PM PST

I know this is crazy but I have a cutting that is about 8 inches long and I am going to try to start one and it seems pretty easy I will have to wait till the fall time to get one cause it is hot weather right now?This may sound crazy but what is a leaf node?
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Posted: May/21/2007 2:50 AM PST

ladystressedout, a leaf node is where the leaves form off the stems. I also call them leaf joints. Where the leaf is joined/attached to the stems. Hope that makes sense. trudy
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Posted: Nov/11/2007 9:51 AM PST

Now I see this post! Okay, I did non of what is mentioned here. Oh well. I can always try again.
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