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Seedlings dying :(

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Posted: Mar/28/2006 3:21 PM PST


TIA for any help. Second year I've been vegetable gardening, and I''ve gotten good results starting seedlings this year using seed starter mix and strong southern light.

The problem? While most of the sprouts are thriving (at least for now), my broccoli and cauliflower sprouts seem to be dying/wilting.

Any thoughts? Too much/too little light? Too much/too little water (I try to keep the soil moist, not drenched)?

More details: seed starter mix has some fertilizer in it (comes with it). Wilting/dying problem seems to have started after I removed the plastic cover and started exposing the sprouts to open air.

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Posted: Mar/28/2006 5:53 PM PST

Hi mlocker and welcome to GG
I have found that fertilizer in starting seeds ..isn't a good idea...burns them up some times...
just a thought ...I am sure more will come along to help you out
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