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Joined: 3/08/2006
Location: Ontario, Canada ... Zone 2a - 3b
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Posted: Mar/21/2006 2:24 PM PST

But.... but..... but...... we still have three feet of snow and it's a -15 c wind chill outside. A sweater certainly won't cut it and I have no hope in hell of finding a perennial yet, let alone moving the mulch so you see, I need your help just to find anything that might even remotely consider growing in my yard soon.

Up here, I think the official date of spring should be in mid-April.

And I'm not finished my cross stitch picture so I can't put it away just yet.

Originally posted by swindyi
hey stop ya #@!$-en --- I've only been here a day --give me a chance . --- if you all don't get a sweater on and get out there you just might find your little perennials with rotten stems when they finally push through 6" of soggy mulch. You guys have been in the house to long, so put all that craft stuff away and get out there and start helping me as I am only going to be here a short while

--- so help me and maybe I will go out like a lamb.

Joined: 8/22/2002
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Posted: Mar/21/2006 2:53 PM PST

hello spring.......bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted: Mar/22/2006 1:19 AM PST

Ok Tammi you can finish your cross stitch -- I guess I should melt the snow before I tell you to get out side --- so give me a few days to clean up all that white stuff --- I just hope the old man doesn't sneak back in and dump some more of that stuff on my little darlings as they're pushing their heads up out of that cold ground .
Treeman keep them toes toasty warm but remember your hunkering days are soon to be over.----There's Gardenin Work to be done!
Joined: 3/30/2002
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Posted: Mar/22/2006 1:37 AM PST

Thanks Spring I finally have some color in my yard, not much but I'm happy to see some, have a few yellow and purple crocuses in bloom. Have a couple branches of my early rhodie in the house along with some forsythia and they are blooming. The plywood I had covering it for the winter, got knocked over on it when we had a bad wind storm so brought the pieces in the house to see if they would bloom and they did. I bring in forsythia every yr. Thanks for finally showing up. Please don't let the old man come back until at least next Dec.
Joined: 4/03/2002
Location: Texas
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Posted: Mar/22/2006 5:39 AM PST

Hey Spring. I looked out to find those new starts you were talking about and all I found was 6 inches of the white stuff. Let me sit here for a couple of days more and then I'll get out and finish cleaning out the pots. I started last week when the temps were in the 70's.
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Posted: Mar/22/2006 1:19 PM PST

Spring you looked wonderful yesterday...Hope you come to stay real soon...
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Joined: 11/09/2006
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Posted: Jan/16/2007 1:23 AM PST

Oh dear, please don't melt it too quick, I just looked out at our mountains and we will drown if it melts too quick, as we may from the sring rains already!!!.....Ach, how can such a nasty (but I love it?) climate create some of the most outdoorsy people on the planet? Because we get so little of the good weather, but the beautiful land, so we go forth and enjoy what we can of it!!!
Joined: 3/30/2002
Location: Southern Maine Zone4/5
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Posted: Jan/22/2007 1:26 AM PST

Hey Spring, are you going to show up early this yr or is it going to be a late spring???
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Joined: 4/04/2006
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Posted: Jan/22/2007 2:22 AM PST

She has to wait and see if she sees her shadow. When she does I'm going to catch her in a live trap and take her down the road!
Joined: 10/29/2002
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Posted: Jan/22/2007 5:12 PM PST

Don't take her too far or she many not come back!!!
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