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Need help to id this plant, please!

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Joined: 9/15/2005
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Posted: Oct/03/2005 8:35 PM PST

This plant popped up in an area where we are bringing in land has long white bell shaped flowers that are sweet yet kind of funky smelling. Then a spiney "fruit" (not edible) grows where the flower wilted. The leaves are big and the stock of the plant is first I thought it would be some kind of vegetable, but now I have no idea...please help!


Joined: 7/29/2004
Location: St louis area
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Posted: Oct/03/2005 9:13 PM PST

Check this link, it has pics and a description. ts/datura.html
Joined: 9/15/2005
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Posted: Oct/04/2005 1:18 AM PST

Thank you soooo much Racegirl2004. You provided the answer!
Joined: 3/13/2005
Location: Macon Co. Tennessee
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Posted: Oct/04/2005 1:32 AM PST

I have one of these in my garden. They are beautiful plants but I sure did'nt know they were poisonous. The only thing is that mine don't smell bad, matter of fact, it don't smell at all, and the leaves nerver wilted this year nor did the stalks split like it said in the description of it.
My neighbors have small dogs and cats , I don't know if they chew on plants, they sure like to poop and pee on them though LOL...
Should I try to get rid of this plant? I don't want to hurt any animals.
Joined: 8/17/2005
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Posted: Oct/04/2005 10:51 PM PST

There is also a plant, I think it's called trumpet flower , and it looks just like a civilized version of jimson weed. I planted a few last year -- hated them Those can be purchased at local nurseries, etc.

This year one of the wild jimson weeds came up near my bird feeders. That wretched thing got to almost 6' tall and I chopped it down before the seed pods broke open so I wouldn't have more jimsons that Carter has pills next year.. and I mean chopped because the stem was about 3" in diameter. They pop up in places like pig pens, etc., are very aggressive, and oh yes, poisonous as an added little extra asset
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