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Is it too late to plant?

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Joined: 4/23/2002
Location: Iron Mountain, MI
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Posted: Oct/04/2005 11:07 PM PST

Hi All. I'm wondering if it's too late to plant grass seed yet this fall. I live in Iron Mountain, MI.....I think that's zone 4 but I'm not sure. I have a small area in our front yard that was an overgrown wildflower bed and I've pulled everything and want to plant grass. Am I better off waiting till the spring? Any help would be appreciated!
Joined: 6/06/2005
Location: Ontario, Canada..Zone 4
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Posted: Oct/05/2005 12:59 AM PST

Thanks Ron. I am zone 4 and have been waiting for someon to respond although I didn't start the thread. I have some #@!$ rings that have to be addressed but thought it may be late. So I'll get onto it.
Joined: 7/28/2003
Location: Connecticut
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Posted: Oct/05/2005 11:52 AM PST

You're cutting it close. It certainly won't have much time to establish itself before soil temps dip low enough to stop any growth, but it can be done. I would skip the rye though. You'll create more problems than its worth. Unless you just plant a perrenial rye turfgrass. Ideally you want 4-6 weeks for the turf to mature to reduce the % of winter kill. You may find it necessary to put down some more seed in late winter. Good luck.
Joined: 4/23/2002
Location: Iron Mountain, MI
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Posted: Oct/05/2005 1:31 PM PST

Thanks all. They're calling for 40's here tomorrow and's been mid-70's all week....what a I just may wait till spring to get the seed down. Thanks for the info though.
Joined: 4/02/2002
Location: Manistee County, MI, USA
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Posted: Oct/09/2005 11:54 PM PST

Hi Tammy and welcome to GG.

You can plant now as has been mentioned and you are cutting it close. Water the seeded area well on a regular basis.

My wife is a Yooper, born and raised in the Menominee area...Birch Creek to be exact.
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Joined: 1/18/2005
Location: Michigan
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Posted: Oct/10/2005 12:09 AM PST

Welcome to GG, TammyP!!!! good to see ANOTHER Michiganian on here!!!
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